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Can you spot the deep fake?

identify deep fake attackers

Confidence that your employees will only communicate with trusted parties

Next Generation Validation

Designed and Built to address today’s challenges with AI and Tust.

Instant Awareness

No more guessing if you can trust who you are talking to.

Post-Quantum Secure

Our validators can leverage state of art technology to keep you safe from state sponsored threats.

Zero Knowledge Proof

Enhanced privacy and security to interact with the popular communication services.

People are the problem?

Social Engineering is how most passwords and critical data are stolen. We design solutions to overcome many social engineering attacks, especially those that employ Artificial Intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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AI & Deep Fake technology has advanced to a point where a bad actor can impersonate a voice or video call in real-time .

Our plugins allow you to communicate as you always do. We seamlessly display a visual indication that you are talking with a trusted person.

The average organization is targeted by over 700 social engineering attacks each year. AI technology enables even more advanced social engineering attacks. Our platform is the first line of defense. 

Our technology counters advances in AI & Quantum Computing. Advanced encryption now has the potential to be compromised by state sponsored attackers. A new level of security is needed.