Netarx Logo

  • We help restore trust 

We seamlessly integrate into your communication to identify deepfake attacks on Email, Video, Voice and Web.

You don’t need to do anything different:

  • Send emails just as you always have
  • Schedule via your calendar
  • Join video calls the same 

After Installation

Once installed on your laptop or desktop, our brand, the “flurp”, shows up on the right side of the screen – like these:

  • If the communication is safe, it will be green
  • If there is a possible warning it will be yellow
  • If there is an alert it will be red 

If the flurp is dancing red, then don’t trust the video participant and therefore don’t share any information. If you are looking at email, then be sure not to click on anything.

How you can help

We are always improving our service and you can help. We are training our AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm and your input is needed. 
If you click on the flurp, you will see the detail on the right. If you are absolutely sure that the email was from a trusted source, then click on the “Mark as trusted” to help improve our AI algorithm.



We currently support the following technology:
  • OS 
    • Windows (Microsoft)
    • MacOS (Apple)
  • Productivity
    • Office 365 (Microsoft)
    • Outlook (Microsoft)
    • G-mail/G-suite (Google)
  • Browse
    • Chrome (Google)
    • Edge (Microsoft)
    • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Video
    • Meet (Google)
    • Teams (Microsoft)
    • Zoom